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Go Long

“…the more scared I was the more excited I became for what was next.”

Shot by James Tran

Not generally a sports aficionado, I just finished Go Long by Jerry Rice (hall of famer as a wide receiver for the SF 49ers). Half-hearted just doesn’t exist in Rice’s mind. It’s interesting to think how we could all be this way if we put our mind to it. I love taking pieces from a good book like this and spinning them into something to remember…dailymotivation

Feeling dubious?

“But believe it or not, doubts have helped me in my journey, doubts from those around me or doubts within me. We all have doubts about our abilities and our chances for success but it’s how we react to those doubts that matter. Yes it would be nice if we had complete confidence in every decision or challenge we take on, but that’s not reality. Even the most accomplished people in society have doubts. But they never let the doubts prevent them from succeeding; rather, they embrace them and use them as motivation.”


Need the answer to nailing (that interview, audition, gig, what have you…)?

“The way I prepare and the way I look are the most important parts of my performance. It’s part of having the right attitude. I never wore sweat suits to the stadium on game days because they were special days-I wore business dress. And before I stepped onto the field, I shined my helmet and tried on brand new shoes. Those little things helped me feel great. I’m not saying you have to wear expensive clothes, but wear clothes that fit the occasion and make you feel your most confident.”


“If I looked good, I played good.”

Need an extra push?

“Taking a risk means you are putting something on the line-your security or comfort zone, your reputation, your life-but it also means you have something wonderful to gain.”

“I come across so many people in all walks of life who have the urge to try something new, but simply can’t pull the trigger to do it. Maybe they are scared of failing or maybe they don’t want to risk what they have. The biggest reason I find people don’t take risks is that, well, they’re comfortable where they are. That may make you feel safe, but it won’t allow you to grow.”

Shot by James Tran

In sum:

“We are all in charge of our own destinies, whatever they may be. Whether your destiny is in fashion design or catering, retail management or teaching, follow your dreams no matter what. Along the way in your journey, there will be those who will want to disrupt your path; they will want to shape your destiny for you. They may be family and friends who doubt you or a jealous coworker who doesn’t want you to succeed, but you have to be able to put the negativity aside. Why should someone else get to choose your path? You can control what you accomplish. Are you willing to sacrifice to get there? Are you going to take the initiative and make it happen? Let me tell you that the world won’t wait for you and you can’t wait for other people to get your life going. Go for it!”


Continuing with motivation from the Bay Area, two of my dear friends (who now live in Oakland,- Rice also played for the Oakland Raiders) got married this past weekend in the vineyards of northern Virginia.

Congratulations Collen & Pat Brady! Yall are a true inspiration for all relationships.


When reading, we don’t fall in love with the characters appearance. We fall in love with their words, their thoughts, and their hearts. We fall in love with their souls.

Shot by Ethan Caldwell
Shot by Ethan Caldwell

Oh and in case you missed it, check out my debut on Unshot, a podcast without cuts or edits capturing different human journeys. My friend Melisa runs it and she’s a beautiful creator:

“”Un” means one in Spanish, but it also serves the role of a prefix that negates what follows. Shots have very violent connotations and I believe that a podcast that tells people’s struggles and stories can undo and heal a lot of pain.”

Thanks for having me Melisa!

Stay creative my friends. 🙂

Shot by Ethan Caldwell

What are you currently listening to or reading?

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