A Dumpster Diving Tale


It’s no secret that I dig the travel. I LOVE the travel.


As a frequent traveler, I jump at the opportunity to give up my flight for a free voucher. On my last trip, I scored a $500 American Airlines voucher for giving up my seat. The attendant gave me the voucher, expressing the importance of the piece of paper.

Note to self: don’t lose that paper.

When I got home that night I organized my things and drearily fell into bed.

A few days later, my boyfriend was talking about summer trips when I remembered my voucher.

Wait my voucher, where did I put it?

In a panic, I realized when I organized my things the other day, I had thrown out the voucher.


What? No. Stop.

My friend Elizabeth was en route to pick me up for a bbq that afternoon and as she walked in, I sporadically mentioned I’d lost my voucher and had to go find it….in the dumpster.

Yeah, I went dumpster diving. No shame in my game.

I dashed to the dumpster, which fortunately had not been picked up. It was full, smelly and inviting only to cockroaches and creatures.

This was going to require some digging, so I went back to my place, grabbed a chair and broom and went to town. All 5’2″ of me hobbled over the dumpster, digging through long hair, diapers and just stuff you should never see.

15 minutes later…I FOUND IT!!

I managed to dumpster dive and find my $500 (voucher).

I wish I could say this was my first travel mistake, but that’s hardly true as this post proves.


“We live only in the present, in this fleet-footed moment. The rest is lost and behind us or ahead of us and may never be found.”
-Marcus Aurelius


I’ll be working on slowing down this week in between working, impromptu acroyoga, and exploring NorCal during my parents’ big visit to the best coast! Stay tuned. :)

Have you ever gone dumpster diving? Apparently it’s a thing.

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