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Loving you whether, whether

I got to attend our friends’ wedding in Winchester, Virginia this weekend. Entertainment was at the fore front between love and joy.

My parents and I checked into our hotel at the George Washington Hotel before it was time to get ready for the rehearsal dinner. I put my wedding planning skills to the test, helping the bride find her zen and get the decorations and sheep herded properly. The dinner was at Violino Ristorante.

Molto delizioso!


Fine wines, rich flavors, an array of appetizers, and fresh bites.

I ordered the unbeatable combination of salmon and scallops nestled in a light green sauce with a squirt of lemon, served with heaping portion of olive oil grazed tomatoes and spiced mashed potatoes.


I sipped the Falanghina, which is an Italian wine most similar to a sauvignon blanc. It had a citrus flavor with a hint of spice and silkiness in the mouth.

Once dinner was over, we headed back to mingle at the hotel bar. Family and friends started filtering in and the excitement pulsed through the air in preparation for the weekend festivities to come.


Before hitting the hay, we chowed down on some snacks that were in our hotel goodie bags. Apples and peanuts, apples and peanuts. Chocolate and chips. Love them snacks.

Saturday we woke up feeling less than lively, but managed to grab breakfast, hit the gym, shower and get ready for the evening’s soirée.

Show time!


Dress: Lilly Pulitzer; Shoes: DSW Warehouse


The bride looked absolutely stunning. Oh she glows so sweetly.


“Whatever you want to do
Is all right with me…”

The beauty of gratitude ages like that of wine.


The couple wrote personalized poetic vows that brought chills of warmth to us all.

There is a certain part of all of us that lives outside of time. Perhaps we become aware of our age only at exceptional moments and most of the time we are ageless.”  -Milan Kundera


Loving you whether, whether
Times are good or bad, happy or sad

The reception came as we danced and dined the night away in heaps of laughter.



Almost everyone was getting down on the dance floor, even the wedding planner. #unstoppablecaprese_salad

So much fun. The food was on point and the people were the most fun. So much laughter.



What a lovely weekend it was. Can’t wait for next year’s anniversary celebration. 😉


Tonight you’re mine completely
You give your love so sweetly
Tonight the light of love is in your eyes
Will you love me tomorrow?

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs Ennis! May your love forever grow.

“It’s not every day that you get to be affectionate around something, it just doesn’t happen that often.
-Larry David



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