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The Best Brownies…Ever

I’ve found the world’s greatest brownie recipe. As you know, I’m a dessert connoisseur. I pride myself on my highly discriminating brownie tastebuds.

The Martha Stewart of entertaining, the Albert Einstein of physics, the Oprah of… diets. I know my sweets.


Ain’t nothin’ changed but my game I’ma stay the same.

To make these brownies, head to the store and pick up Giradelli mix, eggs, and oil.


Make sure you’ve got water, a measuring cup, a bowl and spoon, an oven and a brownie pan.

And an assistant.

Beware: assistant may steal bites from the batter on occasion.


But that’s ok because so will you. It’s hard to resist.


Now the hard part- measure ingredients in a bowl and mix it all up.


Top: Urban Outfitters; Jeans: Paige Denimbrownie_batter_pregame

Transport your delectable batter methodically into the greased pan before sliding it in the oven to bake.




The little key to this sweet madness is under-baking. If it says 40-45 minutes, put it in for 35 minutes, give or take, since all ovens differ.

You can always add more time. You CANNOT undo a burnt brownie. Because really, what’s worse than that?

Okay, sure, I’ll still eat it, but warm gooey brownies are more enriching to the soul.


I love that dough.


Oh, and for the record, these brownies are most definitely homemade.


I made them at home. And with extra zen.

No yoga after these babies, but of course, I had to test the limits.


Yep, I definitely ate my weight in brownies. #crack

Today is my mom’s birthday. Happy birthday mom. I love you more than I love Ghiradelli brownies, and that’s saying something. 🙂

Tell me, do you like the batter or the brownie better?



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