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Simplifying back East

Sometimes the less you think, the happier you are. When I focus on the here and now in a yoga class, I find myself much more relaxed than when I uncontrollably allow my mind to race through thought after thought.


I’m back form California and hanging out at home in Richmond for a couple days. It’s so nice to have some down time and a little celebration too.

cadbury creme egg

I love these things, but don’t tell- it’s bad for my foodie rep. 😉

Now that I’m back on the east coast the, it’s time to get back on my yoga grind.

yoga quote

Simplifying and slowing down. I enjoyed a solo date with myself yesterday with a workout, sauna session, healthy lunch, and some pool time. My favorite way to wind down.

Hi my house are youfood at acac

acac pool

Exercising is the best way to get some me time. Recharge and refuel. Do it for you.

better at fitness


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