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I’ll be there for you when the wine starts to pour

“We spend so much effort trying to keep parts of our lives hiden, even from our closest friends, but in those rare times when we do open up, it’s amazing how minor those secretes all end up being.”

I got to spend the weekend with my absolute best friends.

It’s pretty cool that we’ve each chosen such different career paths- there’s the sweet teacher, the hilarious law student, the smart PA student, the wise business consultant, and then me, the artist-type.


In between solving a love life and sipping wine, we’re usually caught laughing at something funny, or more often than not, something ridiculous that only we find funny.

We’re the 5 best friends that anyone could have.

And don’t worry, no one is Miranda. We’re all combinations of each Sex and the City character. Duh.


We spent the day at Pippin Hill Farm, Charlottesville’s newest boutique winery and vineyard.



“Face your fears and the rewards can be profound. You can discover the true depth of a relationship. Or what you’re capable of withstanding. The problem is, the more you gain, the more you stand to lose.”
―Gossip Girlvirginia_vineyards

After we swirled, smelled and sipped, we cruised over to the tailgates, quite the opposite sight to savor.


A bar in the car
Prodigious, we are


Top: Mouchette; Bottoms: BDG Jeansflash_tats

In a flash, the day was over and it was time to ándale over for dinner at Mono Loco, the best Latin restaurant in Cville.

Those nachos though…


Sweet baby cheesus.

Tasty food and sinfully satisfying drinks amid the town we’ll always be attached to, it was a weekend to forever remember. We have a smooth way of settling back into the way they were. Smooth Sailing Sigma sisters.

Being your true, unapologetic self- that’s what best friends so easily enjoy enduring. Friends for life on and off screen.

And just like that, I’m already eager to fast forward to seeing these girls again for another round of channeling fun.

“It seems they had always been, and would always be, friends. Time could change much, but not that.”
-Winnie the Pooh


Friends, Gossip Girl, Sex and the City, Winnie the Pooh…

What TV show do you and your group of friends relate with the most?


  • Lauren @ ihadabiglunch

    Hahaha I think it’s so funny that no matter which group of friends is it, NO one wants to be miranda haha. My friends are the same way – we usually think we’re all just a combo of the other characters 😉 my friends would go nuts over a winery! I love how joyful you all look 🙂 true friendship is a beautiful thing. and you all have such great style, especially with jewelry! love love love

    • The Zen Kat

      Haha I agree with you! Nachos for the win!

      The flash tats actually last a couple days and it’s cool because if you want to remove them, you just soak the area in baby oil for a minute. They’re a little pricy, but totally worth it! It’s like being a kid again. 🙂

  • WorthyStyle

    OH MAN. Can we puh-leeze get some Mono nachos together? Because that would make my life… been too long to have Mono nachos. NOMS.

    (when I am back to eating junk… not there yet. :-X )


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