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The People Along the Trip

From Mississippi up through Alabama (stopping at Dreamland for BBQ nachos!) to Nashville, TN then east to Atlanta, GA, and north to Charlotte, NC, our quest up north is in full swing.sunset_in_texas

Like my discovery in my last post, the people are how I remember each city. It’s exciting being the guest of a new city and never knowing what to expect, especially through a comedic lens. New accents, navigating through foreign lands, answering questions about living on this crazy tour bus, and the chaos that comes from traveling with a big group.

I find myself getting in fits of laughter, and sometimes, you just gotta’ laugh at life.


There was Nashville.


There was Charlotte.




There was Atlanta.





I misplaced my phone charger, so my fam bought me a goody bag with a hot pink one so it won’t be confused with anyone else’s and accompanied it with candy and snacks. This pink charger certainly makes my top 5 gifts of all time.


Today in Ohio I’ve been spending the day working, writing, and rweflecting. #balance


These experiences with special individuals help craft your craft, whether it be writing, music, coding, or cleaning. Quality experiences with loved ones creates enjoyable solo time. In the midst of your skill, free your mind from judgment. Let the thoughts rhythmically flow. If you get discouraged, take a break from the tackle, and try another mindful approach.


“Here’s a little poem I wrote
You might want to sing it note for note…”


Zip up the loquacious suit
It’s time to swim through the route

Your talent scales from within
Easy to drown in chagrin

Many in your school are great
But you, my love, feed the bait

Bulging eyes, drinking you in
The tales you sing taste like win

Your fervent nature must roam
Those lips won’t flutter alone

These memories will forever float on
Just as your passion will never be gone.


“In every life we have some trouble
When you worry, you make it double…”

How do loved ones inspire your work?



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