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The Other Side of Vegas

The best way to travel is in the presence of family and friends. Yesterday, my cousin’s boyfriend made cooked us a veggie omelet and a Mediterranean salad for breakfast. No restaurant compares to homemade cooking with love.

homemade breakfastIt was the perfect recipe to get rocking and moving before we set off to hike Red Rock.

hiking red rocks

We spent the previous night gallivanting through the falsified bright light club scene and the next day hiking through the all-natural canyon.

red rock canyon shotsI’m constantly striving to marry opposers like this so I can keep my brain alive and awake.

zen kat red rocksAfter our hike, we headed back to shower and clean up before our sushi date.

Kobe Sushi BistroCan’t beat half-off sushi at Kobe.

sipping misoSince we have a wild weekend coming up, we decided to forgo night clubs and instead walk around downtown Las Vegas.

The Fremont Street experience is surely a sight to see.

We walked down to the locals area and hung out at the Container, which is part of the Downtown Project to rebuild the city. The Container is a giant playground for kids and adults with cozy shops and a focus on recycling and rebuilding the land. I almost felt like I was in San Francisco for a minute.

the downtown container

Clean, green and serene. πŸ™‚

Have a great weekend everyone!

meditate appreciate

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