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Finished with Tour

I’d be lying if I said I was immune to fear from change.

change_is_scaryThe nomad life is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but it comes with a price, like questioning reality. What is my reality while always on the go? Well, the only solution is to savor the adventure, climb aboard and hang on!

I may be 25, but I still love climbing trees, especially after a trail run in a random city.

Outfit: Shorts + Top: Nike

From the south eastern states, the tour took us north into Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


We were in Highstown, New Jersey before Pottsville, Pennsylvania. The irony was not lost in the group.



My time on tour concluded with a rainy night in Allentown, PA. A day or so before leaving, I started feeling nervous about the next change. I took my anxiety and ran with it, literally. Just like anything new in life, it’s okay to be afraid. I processed the emotions midrun, and come my last day, I was ready to hit the road. #OntoTheNext

Without the storm, how can we find the color?


While I hardly fit in with the group, I wouldn’t trade my experience on tour for a lazy summer at the beach, believe it or not. I got to travel the US while seeing new cities, meeting new people, seeing familiar faces, and hanging out in big stadium press boxes from time to time, like the Denver Mile High, the Atlanta Dome and Rutgers University, to name a few.


I probably consumed at least 50 chocolate chip cookies while on tour.


I learned so much, like how to deal with being an outsider amid constant changes and how to truly relish alone time in my explorations.


Thanks to the Timer Cam App, I could take professional selfies all day long.


These challenges inspired me to push myself even further in the fitness world.


I gained a new appreciation for running- hunting through new cities and locating tracks and trails.


It was a bit of a struggle finding little patches of grass to fit in yoga, but I made it work.

Let’s go stability. I’m working on back walk overs now.


My workouts served as my secret getaway from everything to delve into my thoughts and realization about life and to just be present, especially through weeks of touring.


And who could forget a little comedy. Or in most cases, me laughing at any and everything along the trip.


Listening to southerners and northerners trying to get along in conversation, having the coffee pot come close to flaming in smokes most mornings, going to the grocery store and buying in bulk, hearing the crazy lady in the back belch like a 300 pound man, witnessing the red neck bus driver scratch his belly while eating pork rinds, seeing the gay guys out-sassing each other, coming close to forgetting people on the bus and hearing rumors of where he or she is, only to find out said story isn’t true, showing my cousin the bus I live on and having him ask a thousand questions about entertainment, bathrooms and hygiene.

At times, I’ve asked myself how in the world I ended up in such a carnie adventure, but the connections, memories and learning opportunities are what it’s all about.


Outfit: Top: Target; Shorts: Urban Outfitters

As much as I love pink, I’m so ready for new clothing options. I lived out of a suitcase small enough to carry it on the plane for the past two months. Who am I? Clearly, I left my tiara back in Charlottesville.

I finished tour and spent the last night at the Marriott in downtown Philadelphia before my afternoon flight the following day.


A giant stagnant bed with room service and posh amenities.


Relaxation at its finest.

Now, I’m fortunate to be spending the week at the beach with my family and friends.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania hotel > Mid Air Flight > Garden City, South Carolina

Time to seek succor from my family and friends, long beach walks, good conversations, reading, and music.


“It’s a hand-me-down, the thoughts are broken,
Perhaps they’re better left unsung.
I don’t know, don’t really care
Let there be songs to fill the air.”

What’s your favorite thing to do at the beach?


  • Kaitlin

    Oh man, change, change, change. This adventure looks like a wonderful life lesson and I admire how you bounced around. I try to just keep looking forward and not look back. I’m definitely going to look into that app as well!

  • Katherine

    Okay I know this is completely off topic, but you just look gorgeous in all these photos (especially the first one, your eyes are amazing!) Change is so tough. I’m about to really hit a year of a TON of changes, so I can totally feel you. One of my favorite quotes is “One day I just woke up and realized that I can’t touch yesterday, so why was I letting it touch me?” The only constant in life is change. I think we’re always meant to be looking forward, not back. This post was a good reminder about that xx

  • Brittany

    I can’t believe this has come to an end!! Time FLEW BY! What adventures you’ve had the last couple months, I am so glad you were able to experience and share this with us all!

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