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Alone on the Road

Oh hey blog hiatus, how you doin’?

From long days of the southern hot sun to wifi glitches, I haven’t found time to sit down and just write. Long term traveling is exhausting, especially without loved ones, and that’s an understatement.


Uncertain realities filled with disillusion.

Few belongings and even less support.

At least I rock the grunge look.


These eyes have seen a lot from Oklahoma, down through Texas and now in Mississippi.


San_Antonio_riverwalk Pat_obriens_san_antonio

Through these unique adventures, I’ve learned how important loved ones are. Without them, the pretty sights have little value.

Alone On the Road

Isolation met with bewilderment
Where appearance qualifies the lone truth
Hundreds of faces, stuck in these races
When will they find the gift of being kind?

Sashay in my chucks
See my solace search
Surrender your hurt
Someday you will see…

The more situations you put yourself in, the more empathetic you become, yet the happier your spirit, the more crushers you encounter. I’m an outsider on the road in a very closed world, but I’m marching ever forward.


I’m on this constant quest to expand my horizons, even in unwelcoming territories. Why? I get bored easily. I have high energy. The answer doesn’t actually matter because I enjoy opposition even in the presence of discomfort. It brings honest feelings and emotions to life. It’s real, whatever real is.

I was a college cheerleader and also lived in the so-called “dorky” dorm because I wanted to experience both sides. The cheerleaders didn’t understand my living choice and the dorky dorm members were anything but nice to me, at first. I like breaking down the molds of society everyday. Why can’t a peppy blonde go on tour with a drum corps? Why can’t a troubled teenager graduate from a top 10 school?

The fall in the process births character building.


Pitfalls are actually blessings of clarity. Darkness breeds bright works of art.

growth_in_handstandsI am a true extrovert. My favorite way of learning is through other’s stories. That is my happiness which no one can rob and just because I may not fit in with the group doesn’t mean I’m going to stop being who I feel I am.

What is life without growth?

What is beauty without pain?

Don’t let anyone stray you from a glass-half-full mindset.



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