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The Adventures of Jack and A Kat

Contrary to popular belief, I did not rent a dog this weekend (although you can do that right here).

jack_and_zenkatTop: H&M; Pants: Paige Denim; Shoes: Coach

I’ve been dog sitting this adorable little creature named Jack, the black Boo.


Jack, AKA Jacky, Business in the front, Party in the back, Boo Boo, Captain Jack, Cutie, Little Man, Jacque


He’s a little doggette, like a little baggette.

So cute you could just eat him.


It’s so fun having a little buddy like Jack.

He really brings fierce to the city.

Just look at his sultry look he rocked for the selfie stick.

doggie_selfie_sticksHe’s a cutie, but sometimes he gets a little sassy and refuses the camera.


But it’s alright because he knows how to enjoy a nice restaurant like the little human he thinks he is.


Jack doesn’t lack
A cute face to beg for a snack
Or a sip…

Totally kidding, no need for a claque.
What do you think I’m some sort of quack?



Hm, don’t answer that clack. 😉

Jack got to explore Japantown and the Marina, ride along on road trips, meet new pup friends, and hop vineyards.

No staying in the box for Jack.

I’d say he’s living the big life for such a little guy.



Jack: “No photos please”

The only thing he missed out on this weekend was a visit with my family. Sorry Jack, some restaurants just don’t allow pets.


family in sfOverall, I think Jack is having a fabulous time. I just feel bad leaving him at home all day when I go to work.

I’m now a strong supporter of bring-your-pet-to-work Day. Let’s adopt this idea!

After all, they say the best therapist has fur and four legs. 🙂


What a little Jack of Hearts, eh?

captain_jack_dances from AlexKatzen on Vimeo.

Tell me: Dogs or cats? Or both?


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