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    PB2 Protein Muffins

    I’ve always been told baking is a science. You’re not supposed to throw together ingredients like in cooking, but for some reason, I insist on rebelling because hello, recipes are boring.

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    More Quinoa!

    My two favorite ways to eat quinoa are either paired with cheese or peanut butter/nuts. (The two best ingredients, am I right?) For this dish, I used my cheesy quinoa from the night before and added more cheese (a spicey pepper jack- no such think as too much cheese) frozen spinach, and more¬†red pepper flakes. No lie, I had this meal for breakfast yesterday. I was craving vegetables so I added frozen mixed veggies and peanut Thai sauce to my coconut breakfast quinoa. Savory! Cheese and peanut butter, although not together, are my two favorite ways to flavor foods. All day, everyday! What are your favorite flavorings?   Have a…

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    A PB&J Day

    How’s your Tuesday? I woke up pretty hungry this morning but I was determined to get to yoga before breakfast. I may have been planning this breakfast during shavasana. I’ve actually noticed that my mind is a lot harder to calm in the morning than later in the day. Maybe that’s a sign that I’m meant to be a morning person. ūüėÄ I’ve been trying to eat more clean recently. It’s a lot easier when your parents load you up with lots of veggies to take home! This is one of my new favorite salads. (How often do I say that?) I used spinach, mixed lettuce greens, and broccoli slaw…

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    Recreating the Taco salad

    I was in a cooking kind of mood yesterday evening. For dinner, I made a Mexican infused version of a taco salad. First, I made¬†Vegan Angela’s¬†healthy hidden broccoli guacamole. (She’s got some great recipes to check out!) Next, I made a taco salad for dinner in a new way. Okay so this meal has a¬†faint¬†resemblance to nachos but then again, all the ingredients match up with a taco salad too. Or as¬†comedian¬†Jim Gaffigan¬†says, Mexican food’s great but it’s essentially all the same ingredients – tortilla with cheese, meat, and vegetables. I picked this cookie up at the grocery store last week and it was pretty good albeit not great. It…

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    So last night I got cookin’ in the kitchen. After seeing¬†Abby’s¬†post a few days ago about making homemade peanut butter, I decided to give it a try! It was so easy. I had extra peanuts that I wanted to use so I tried to make Lara Balls with raisins instead of dates. I would definitely recommend sticking with the dates because the raisin consistency didn’t work as well. Next, I made some soup. Finally, I decided to get my life together even more and make breakfast for the next 2 days. This morning’s breakfast came together so easily. Almost too easy because I ate right when I woke up and…

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    Inspired by Pancakes

    This morning I decided to try the grain-free pancakes again. I added 1/4 cup of pumpkin puree this time using this recipe, hoping to fluff the cakes up a bit. No bananas were called for in this recipe but I added a half of one to add some potassium. I like these pancakes but I still need to play around with the ingredient ratios. Also, I think almond flour would be a good thing to add in to give the cakes a more carby flavor. I really like these pancakes although they¬†definitely¬†have an acquired taste. I’ve always liked eating pancakes with my hands. I only used half the batter so…

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    A box of Cookies

    Cheers to the weekend! I’m currently eating my lunch that I threw together this morning. I’ve been eating a lot of salads this week and the trick is dressing them up with different ingredients. I added a fried egg, shrimp, grape tomatoes, and goat cheese to this. Since I’m out of salsa, I added Teriyaki sauce to give it an Asian tang. I woke up early this morning and completed a mere 20 minutes on the elliptical before calling it a day to go eat. I woke up really hungry this morning so it was everything I could do to not head straight to the kitchen and forgo the workout.…