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Buy the Ticket, take the Stride to Yogaville

Remember a time when change was really uncomfortable? That feeling of not wanting to ditch that warm yet raggedy old sweatshirt because it’s familiar and comfortable. Not leaving a job out of fear.

Change creates clarity.  The more we force ourselves to climb through the discomfort of newness, the better we become at adding color to our lives.


The more options we try, the more possibilities appear and the richer our lives become.

Adventure arises from challenge.

the zen kat in a tree

It’s like a photographer shooting 100s of similar poses of a model. It’s with many options that the most desirable choice appears.

Thank you, Mike!
Thank you, Mike Rizzo!

Do the complete reverse of a task you’re used to doing. It’s uncomfortable at first, yet undoubtedly rewarding once you make it through.

learning at yogaville

Work to become less burdened by unfamiliarity.

learning headstands

Buy the ticket, take the ride to Yogaville, an ashram that I was lucky to visit back in January – a place where different is sacred, passion is tangible, spirits are palpable, and judgment is left at the metaphorical gates.

aerial view of yogaville

I might have taken a refreshing sip of the healthy juice in January, but now I’ve gulped it down.

a tree with a view

I stayed in the Lotus Conference Center for a rejuvenating weekend retreat, filled with meditation, passionate meetings, Hatha yoga, Yoga Nidra, brisk walks, and scenic views.

train at yogaville

We soaked in as much Yogaville as possible, taking full advantage of the rustic hills, being away from a desk, and free to roam as we please with our shining spirited friends.

lotus conference center

yogaville views

In one of our sessions, we were discussing how daunting meditation can be. It’s much easier to stay busy with tasks than it is to sit with the mind in meditation.

meditating is hard

We were exposed to new ways of incorporating yoga to unbind ourselves in the hands of our lovely leader, Chitra.


I’m so used to running, clicking, swiping, typing, and tapping through the days. Our stay at Yogaville offered the perfect counter balance to the life we’re so used to. It was truly an opportunity to reconnect with the self.

mind cures all

chitras teachings


In Yogaville, we awake in plenty of time to greet the sun. A wellness speaker referenced the multi-faceted Thomas Jefferson who once said, “the sun had never caught me in bed.”

In Yogaville, we meditate and take a yoga class in the morning before breakfast. We learned it’s best to practice yoga and meditation on an empty stomach in order to have your entire body’s full attention.

headstands at yogaville

Fortunately, our yoga class was only a few steps from our bedrooms.

jewles of wisdom

When your mind is more calm, you experience your own inner Self.

learning at yogavillespiritual shrinealex and chitra

The last day, we got the opportunity to try laughing yoga. What an exuberayting experience. Our teacher talked about how babies laugh all the time, even though they don’t understand the joke. As we grow up, we become conditioned to only laugh for a reason, but laughter is so good for us, releasing endorphins and T cells in the blood.

license to laugh

During class there were many exercises to guide us through laughter.  We were advised to let the laughter roll- fake or real. Sometimes it starts real then fake. Real fake. Fake real. The class really challenges set boundaries. We’re forced to knock down the walls, disregard norms, let go the initial discomfort, and feed off one another.  The point here is to shrug off judgment and let go of the programed notion that laughing for no reason is wrong.just let it go

Truth is one, Paths are many.

Share peace and joy with each other.

share peacechitra teachings

Just like my last visit, I’ve already noticed my calmer demeanor restored level of patience. I practiced patience throughout the weekend, and now I receive it back.


live on the edge

(Still working on those handstands!)

If you haven’t tried meditation, what’s holding you back? I know it’s hard to stay still, believe me. My parents nicknamed me Scooter bug because I’ve always been on the go, even as a baby. No matter your energy level, meditation is one amazing tool that can be done anywhere.

meditate in a tree

Don’t fight it.

Just try it.

Don’t like it?

Imbibe it.

Sometimes it’s the things we dread or think we can’t accomplish that we enjoy the most. If nothing else, throw out your old thoughts and try something new just to say you did it. You might meet someone who you can bond with over your distaste for meditation.

Or, you might just fall in love with the new warmth.

all good things are wild and free

Thanks to everyone in attendance for a wonderful weekend and have a Marvelous Monday!


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