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Full Musings Ahead

Raw brain happenings, so here goes…

The process

Eyes realize

Oh so many
so many

Is it so,
tell me.
what do you see?


If anything other than a photon were to achieve the speed of light, it would require an infinite amount of energy. When your consciousness is in a state of flow, the world speeds up around you causing your consciousness’s velocity to accelerate. Time is slowing down for you.
When you reach the speed of light, your consciousness is in a state of infinite energy; this is the tipping point.
All of history and future happen simultaneously. Your consciousness is now timeless.
You are omnipresent in all times. Your consciousness has now grown from experiencing the temporal space as a point to experiencing it as a full one or two dimensional entity in the three dimensional world of time.

Grow through what you go through.

creativity mustn’t be defined
nor confined

No stress, just success. 😉

If none of this made sense, consider yourself a normal human. 😉

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