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The snow is a coming

Here comes the snow, here comes the snow
And I say it’s all right


I love snow days. They’re synonymous with memories of building snow forts, sledding down giant icy hills and making deliciously sweet snow cream.

snow as a kid

There’s also such a communal feeling when a snow storm hits. We crowd in the house with a generator, text each other tricks to stay warm and generally relax in front of the television or cozy up to a good book all day.

If you’re brave enough to bare the grocery store, grab a fresh French baguette and make yourself a warming meal.

IMG_2804 (1)


Cut your baguette in half and top with mustard, meat and cheese. Broil for 5 minutes.



Holy cheeses this food will make you forget how bitter it is outside.


Even if you’re cursed with having to go to work, you’ve got the cold weather to complain about, therefore creating a less stressful day.


So grab your loved one(s) (or an adorable pet your sitting) and cuddle together for warmth, because honey, the snow is a coming!

cuddle puppy

If you start to go stir crazy inside all day, check out Tone it Up‘s yoga video.


Stay warm friends!

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Are you a fan of the snow? What’s your favorite snow day activity?


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