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Slow Down for Cheap Pizza

Did you know there are large pizzas out there for only $2.99? I kid you not.

2.99 pizza

I topped the pizza with extra cheese and arugula. Who says you can’t make a pizza healthy?

pizza with arugula

One of my favorite tips I learned from my parents is to buy a frozen pizza (or in this case, a fresh one) and load on the toppings. Greens, peppers, protein, more cheese, more veggies…

healthy pizza

In any case, a dreaded trip to the grocery store before a snow storm proved quite the success.

charlottesville snow

Thanks Nancy for always showing me a good deal. 🙂

This morning my brain was in a rush to get through my yoga class.

acac yoga studio

I always try and recognize when my mind is racing and ask myself, what am I racing to? It’s an illusion of course. Well, unless you have delicious grapes waiting for you at home.

post workout grapes

Mantra: slow down

The Zen Kat grapes

Grapes are extra delicious after a long sweaty workout.

What do you do when you find your mind racing?

life is what you make it


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