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All We Need are Trees to Breathe

Our tour is currently in Sacramento after a day in Palo Alto. It’s neat waking up and opening Google maps to see where we’ve landed in the morning. My goal is to find the nearest track or field to get some exercise.



Yesterday while at Stanford

stanford_universityI snuck off for a bit to explore the university. After attending a school with a solid Jeffersonian architectural focus, it was cool seeing Stanford’s mission revival, especially against the blue skies.

Open air, open minds.


This private school has an exciting air. Google, Nike, and Yahoo were all founded by Stanford alumni/faculty. A pristine school where the buildings seem to take a backseat to the spacious, serene natural elements.


And plenty of room for a crow pose in the idyllic setting.


Funny fact- Stanford doesn’t have a mascot, but their unofficial one is a tree, because clearly, that’s all we need to breathe.

After a day waltzing in the sun, it was time for a barbecue dinner before showtime in the stadium.


As the sun rays beat down on the stadium, the performances went on in the midst of the jovial crowd.

Tomorrow we’re headed to my favorite city, San Francisco. Have a lovely Sunday, take a selfie, and take time to wind down, mediate and breathe.

Until next time.


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