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Marvelous Aerial Yoga

Marvelous is Thomas Sweet shop. They have delicious ice cream and fudge…cookie dough fudge that is.

Thomas Sweet Shop

I may be the Zen Kat, but I’ll always be a cookie dough lover. 🙂

Marvelous is Pho Friday dinner.


Marvelous is Aerial Yoga.

aerial yoga

I got to try Aerial yoga at the YMCA in DC this weekend. Check out Angela’s moves.

Angela Meyer yoga

Aerial yoga is a huge core workout. It also increases flexibility.

hanging in aerial yoga

Final relaxation pose is awesome chilling in the hammock.

aerial yoga at ymca

Check your local gym or yoga studio to find an aerial yoga class. It’s a great workout and fun to swing.

the zen kat aerial yoga

Marvelous is Saturday night dinner at The Daily Grill, followed by a movie and coffee house tunes.

The Daily Grill

Marvelous is Sunday brunch of lox and bagels.

Sunday bagel brunch

Marvelous is a fabulous Super Bowl Sunday party. Thanks for hosting Ashley!

Super Bowl Sunday

After a busy weekend it’s important to remember the little joys in life. Wherever you are today, just remember…

life is short, eat the pie

Have a great first day of the week!


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