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Less is Forever More

Happy Friday!

I’m about to hit the road for a weekend retreat at Yogaville.

going to yogaville

My zen catapulted last night as I was getting ready to go out for a birthday party, but instead ended up staying in and cleaning out my closet.

bags and bags

As I called my roommates in to go shopping, I noticed my mind re-think giving away the items favored. It was quite silly, but it reminded me of 2-year-olds playing with toys. Why do we innately feel such a connection to our things?

and more bags

Don’t worry roomies, I won’t be an Indian giver.

simplify ya life

I discovered half of my clothes were either old, not fitting, or kept out of guilt. Excess makes it difficult to see the good. The hardest part is starting the cleanse, but the liberating feeling will keep you going. Simplify to uncover beauty.

simplify for more beauty

Less is forever more.

less is always more

I’m off to get my damn spirituality on. 😉

pray pray pray

How do you cleanse your life?


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