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Jungle Gyms and a homemade salad bar

I’ve been considering joining a gym for a while now and last night, I went to ACAC to get a trial membership for the rest of the month. After getting the tour of this lovely gym, it was workout time. I did the stairmaster and random upperbody machine workouts. It was fun getting to use all of the different types of equipment – it was like being a kid at a new jungle gym.

How cool is ACAC's kid'z zone jungle gym?
How cool is ACAC’s kid’z zone jungle gym?

I swear sometimes I feel like I’m still 10 years old, especially when I see jungle gyms.

Anyways, the ACAC representative recommended I take Athletic Conditioning Cardio class at 6:00 AM this morning. Challenge accepted.

That class kicked my booty! We were constantly moving and doing different workouts for the entire hour. Talk about a workout. Then it was time to fuel up with breakfast. I mixed my Kashi Go Lean Crisp cereal with crunchy peanut butter and added vanilla coconut milk. Yum!

My new favorite breakfast

Last night, my friend Colleen came over for dinner. As usual, I had a kitchen full of veggies but no meats or pastas. Luckily I was able to entice Colleen with a salad for dinner.

Veggies galore

I decided to get a little creative and set up a salad bar for us with all the colorful veggies.



That’s the thing about salads, you can get creative and add all sorts of different veggies like peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, dried fruits, nuts…

Look at all of those toppings

Colleen brought over this delicious Asian-inspired chicken from Trader Joe’s. We had some pretty festive salad combos:


Looks like something from a restaurant, right? 😉 I will definitely be doing this homemade salad bar thing again. Easy, healthy and fun!

Yay for Thursdays! Have a good one!

Do you ever feel like a kid again during work outs? What’s your favorite workout at the gym?


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