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Going Out to Eat

This weekend was full of good eats. I tend to go out to eat a lot on the weekends just out of habit and I usually always eat less healthy meals at restaurants. My tip is to try and eat slow to avoid over eating the large portions.

Saturday morning brunch
Saturday morning brunch

I definitely enjoyed eating all of the omlet and hashbrowns but I skipped out on the toast. Give a little, live a little!

Sunday’s brunch

On Sunday morning, my girlfriends and I went to Boylan Heights for brunch and I got the heuvos rancheros. They were so delicious.

I mean look at those hash browns!

For this meal, I decided to order a side of fruit to kick up the health factor. I also only ate half of this meal so I got to have the leftovers for breakfast this morning.

Not as pretty the second time around but just as good!

Leftovers are my favorite! I also got froyo this weekend and of course, no left overs here!

Went all out with cheesecake bites, cookie dough, mochi, sprinkles, and caramel on top

My parents came to visit me Sunday evening and we went out to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. I ordered the fajitas as usual. I’ve heard that fajitas are one of the healthiest Mexican options and they make great leftovers.

Sizzlin’ fajitas
The sides

I actually don’t use the tortillas to eat my fajitas because I like eating all of the meal separately. This is healthier but I really just do it out of taste preference.  I like to take the tortillas home to use for quesadillas later on too.

What are your tips for going out to dinner?

I’m a to-go box kind of girl myself!

Have a great Monday! 😀


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