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Frolicking up a 14k ft mountain

Climb every mountain.

Do you ever have the urge to conquer a thing?

Yeah, me neither.

I tried something brand new this weekend. A struggle so real I failed. I attempted to climb Mount Shasta in Northern California. Mount Shasta is one of the biggest mountains in the US surpassing 14K feet.

It’s recommended to hike it in 2 days, but my friend Nicole and I knew we could accomplish it in one day.

I didn’t actually make it to the top on account of altitude delusion. Did you know it’s possible to feel high from walking up a mountain? I’m not talking a runner’s high. This feeling is indescribable. Strange yet soothing. It makes you crave rest. I fell asleep whenever I sat down. You can imagine the down sides there. 😉

The trek was beyond hard for me and I wasn’t expecting it. Before renting snow climbing gear, make sure you’ve a) tried hiking in snow and b) exposed your body to high altitudes.

I had done neither.

After 12K feet, I resigned.

The polarizing thoughts that circled my brain were wild.

When out of the blue challenges strike, we cling to familiarity. We work to rearrange the narrative.

We tend to do things that bring us pleasure. We tend to dislike things that are new where we can’t predict the outcome.

Struggle and strength.

How wild it was, to let it be.
-Cheryl Strayed

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