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Banana Pancakes

Jack Johnson’s banana pancakes song has taken on a whole new meaning for me this morning! After seeing the 2 ingredient pancake recipe on several different blogs, I decided to give the recipe a try. (Also, I’m low on groceries so I packed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch, which I’m very excited about but I didn’t want something carb-packed for breakfast too, like oatmeal. My Mom and I both agree that too many carbs makes us feel too full.)

Quite a fancy lunch box, eh? ;)
Quite a fancy lunch box, eh? 😉
Snacks and lunch in the box: pbj sandwich, an orange, veggies and dip, and a Ghiradelli bark square
Snacks and lunch in the box: pbj sandwich, an orange, veggies and dip, and a Ghiradelli bark square

Anyways, back to the pancakes.

I was so excited about making these guys. I mixed a banana that I had in the freezer with 1 whole egg and some egg whites. For some extra flavor, I sprinkled in the whole bottle a good amount of cinnamon, a touch of vanilla extract, and some flax seed. I adapted this combination from this recipe.

Banana pancakes!
Banana pancakes!

I blended this all together in our food processor and I was definitely skeptical after seeing how liquid-y the batter was but they turned out really well! Edible too! Of course, I added a little unhealthy syrup to my cakes and they were so good. I think having these pancakes on the brain helped get me up this morning and complete a yoga class On Demand. Whatever works!

And breakfast is served
And breakfast is served

Last night, I completed an extra-long cardio sequence on the elliptical and was feeling great.

The mojo behind the motivation
The mojo behind the motivation

A new magazine always gets me going in the gym.

I usually don’t like to do the same cardio two days in a row but my legs were too sore for the bike and my apartment gym is very limited in equipment. (Is it weird to say I miss the stair master?) After cardio, I did some abs and stretching and called it a night.

These never get old
These never get old (Source)

I also made sure to eat dinner before going to the gym since I seem to lose my appetite after I work out. This worked well for me because I was actually hungry when I got home from work and I had time to let my food digest and hit the gym around 7:00pm. Perfecto!

Leftovers...I really am getting low on groceries
Leftovers for dinner…I really am getting low on groceries

Happy hump day!

Question: Have you tried these 2-ingredient banana pancakes? What’d ya think?

I actually don’t like bananas (I know, very strange). I never really have but their flavor was somewhat masked in these cakes so it was a perfect way to load up on the potassium I miss out on and feel like I’m eating a tasty treat!

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