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Add Play to your Day

Relax the brain to revamp it.

Reward the crave with a state of play.

Use energy to funnel idea maintenance. Build play in the brain.

Ways to add play to your day:

  • Use more emojis
  • Look at art (set your home screens/search browser to it)
  • Go for a walk and tell yourself “I’m cruisin’ ’round”
  • Snapchat, and snapchat often
  • Make a contorted face at yourself in the mirror (bonus points if you snap it to someone)
  • Listen to killer music
  • Learn a rap song that you can randomly quote in a v important meeting
  • If someone is bothering you, stick your tongue out at them
  • Hang out upside down
  • Go hide out somewhere
  • Go hang out in a crowd
  • At the end of the day, stand up and shout “I’m out!”
  • And don’t forget, call your people often
  • Take the corners of your mouth and point them to the sky


Progress not perfection.

Sometimes you just need to step away or have someone step in to bring the calm.

I was lucky to have my parents visit me last week. They brought the peace to the streets. 😉

So much love.

What’s your favorite way to add play to your day?


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