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A Strange but Good Lunch

Low on groceries and heading out of town for the weekend, I was determined to create a lunch with the last of my veggies.

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I mixed roasted brussels sprouts, artichokes, tomatoes, black beans, and avocado. Then I topped the madness with a little pepper, garlic salt, red pepper flakes, and soy and Teriyaki sauce.


And a weird meal it was. It definitely qualified for Strange but Good. (Check out Laura’s peanut butter no oats oatmeal.)


One might ask why I make such strange meals like this. To be honest, I get a thrill from using up all of my groceries. Saves money and inspires creativity in zee kitchen. (I was even able to use the leftovers to stuff inside a habanero lime flour tortilla with cheese for today’s lunch.)
Don't know why these guys don't get any love
Don’t know why these guys don’t get any love
Do you eat strange but good foods? Thoughts on brussels sprouts?


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