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A Composition of Opposition

Hike more. Worry less.

When the mood hits, switch it up, grab some good friends and go camping.

Hey 90s baybay

I headed a few hours north with the Brady family to Chico, California. A perfect trip for the double weekend (great term, Collz!)

Look at that little cute pup.

That’s Bodie and this was his very first camping trip!


Being a lab, his little webbed toes make him an excellent swimmer.

Interesting to think about species breeds – certain dogs are stronger athletes while others enjoy sitting. Think about all the different types of humans out there.

So many lifestyles.

Aside from hiking, we played cards, roasted s’mores and eavesdropped on chicos.

We stayed busy and tired ourselves out, naturally.

What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.
-Jane Goodall

Camping trip success!

There’s nothing better than roughing it in the woods for a couple nights. Makes you enjoy everyday life more.

Then the next day, I threw on my lipstick and lived the exact opposite life.

Opposition is true friendship.
-William Blake

Enjoy it!

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