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A Cold Valentine’s Day

Happy day of sweets, candy and the loveliest of companionship!

Krispy Kreme Valentines

How cute are the xo doughnuts? I had the heart-shaped cream-filled doughnut. It was like an explosion of sweet summer time with candy-coated memories. Talk about a sugar rush. My mouth was full of sunbeams.

heart shaped donut

I’m currently on a sugar high, but my energy is irritably low. It might have something to do with my day of trudging through the snow and shoveling yesterday. The snow sure is fun to play in though.

zen kat in the snow

If you follow me on Facebook, yesterday I posted about shoveling for compensation. That’s a workout that pays off.

Whenever I’m exposed to different temperatures, my sinuses put up a fight and a cold ensues. Today is no exception, but I’m holding close to my tissue box.

I did a few yoga moves to help peel away my congestion.

yoga for congestionDown dog and a few cat/cow poses restore the body, especially first thing in the morning.

I sipped on a hearty healthy stew last night for dinner once I retired indoors to an inviting couch and blanket.

hearty stew

The stew was made up of pot roast, bacon, loads of veggies, ginger and more cleansing herbs.

veggies for stew

rosemary herb

Oh the comfort of a toasty filling stew after a chilly day.

snow prints

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Got a hot date in the mix?


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