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Meditate to Mediate

To wooden ships and steel ships and ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships because they’ll forever be.


The other day, my friend was rather heated after an argument she had with her friend. I had just gotten out of a meditation class so I was gungho to suffocate the issue.


As I was munching on my dried mango snack, I proceeded to give my however few cents of advice. Of course, I claimed that I’m no Buddha, minus the sweet snacks that might lead to a similar protrusion to the humbly enlightened Buddha, but I decided to go full speed ahead and tackle the real problem at hand.


A physical shortcoming could produce a kind of mental excess. The process, it seemed, was reversible. Mental excess could produce, for its own purposes, the voluntary blindness and deafness of deliberate solitude, the artificial impotence of asceticism.”
-Aldous Huxley

What births anger?

When upset, first look unto the self.

It’s not always external.

Jealousy? Feelings of being left out? Why do we allow others to upset us?

Sometimes the person screwed up and it’s just pure anger from feeling let down, however if you build yourself up enough with greatness, others’ actions have less of a lasting affect on your emotions.

Because really, how does anger improve the situation? Instead, witness it. Take a breathy step back. Attempt to watch your emotions instead of just feel them.

In time, you’ll gain power over your reactions as mental maturity reigns supreme.


Remember bothersome characteristics can become habitual without realization. Take a moment to periodically question assertions.


We certainly light up the world, but are our hearts like firestones?

To find the answer, slow the roll to a halt.



Meditation helps us learn to live within ourselves and evaluate our choices to seek the path of clarity.

I’ve been surprised over how much I can learn from simply sitting and doing nothing.


Unsure if I successfully solved my friend’s dilemma, I decided to just listen for the remainder of the conversation, because when in doubt, that ole’ listening ear is filled with value.

How do you conquer your friends’ problems? Are you a fan of meditation?


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