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The Process through Food

When you’re having a moment (you know, one of those moments where nothing seems to be going your way), here are some steps to take:

1. Frown
2. Tighten your jaw
3. Squeeze your toes
4. Think negative thoughts
5. Give up…

…steps 1-4.

Let go and embrace the simple fact that emotions are fleeting. Things don’t always taste right.

Getting caught up in minor details is a nuisance, yet an unavoidable & healthy part of life.

Doubt comes in and things start to get fishy.


It’s a struggle locating the complete and balanced portion.


Your brain is totally fried.


The feeling of desire floods your thoughts and your eyes are in an over-saturated glaze.


The good news is that the waterfall will inevitably be replaced with a drought.


So until then, you’ve got to put a stick in it, make do and power through.


You don’t have to stay positive. Just don’t let your mind race ahead of you, else you lose control and everything turns to blue.


Between chores and work, school and conflicts, stress and health, it’s easy to forget what’s important.

Today, grab your loved ones (either physically, or make them grab their phone if they’re far away) and tell them you love them.

Olive you, especially you, mom and dad. 🙂



Cheers to loved ones and new ones. Here’s to more puns and long runs. The more the merrier for tons of funs.




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