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This Salad’s Like a Party

Whenever I think of a good salad, I remember this moment from The Hills.

salad like a party

Audrina was not amused with her date.

not amused

Poor guy. It’s never good when your salad is more exciting than your company.

Salads get a bad rap for being boring, but if you find the right recipe, you’re sure to have a colorful party. I headed over to the mecca of salad restaurants for lunch this afternoon at Basil restaurant in Charlottesville to do some work.

Basil Salad

My main dish was off the menu and just as the the owner described, “a different taste for every bite.” It was was made of mixed greens, onions, Roma tomatoes, roasted red peppers, cucumbers, fried pita chips, feta, dates, and pistachios, and tossed in a refreshing sumac, lemon and extra virgin olive oil vinaigrette.

Basil salad ingredients

Basil restaurant bar

I couldn’t get enough delicately sweet dates.

dates in salad


Aside from their multi-layered salads, Basil is also known for their savory hummus.

hummus at basil

The garbanzo beans are soaked overnight, boiled, and combined with lemon, tahini and a hot water mixture to form the right consistency. It’s not overpowering with garlic, rather it owns a hearty and creamy nut flavor, perfect to pair with fresh baked bread.

Basil hummus

Speaking of baked goods, you know I saved room for dessert…

Basil cake

The butterscotch banana rum cake stole the show. Three layers of creamy banana cake moistened with rum, studded with walnuts, filled and iced with butterscotch cream and topped with the most decadent sweet butterscotch miroir.

Desserts at basil

Ricotta cheese nestled in honey joined the cake on the side.

butterscotch banana rum cake

So much craft and precision go into every dish here. The best thing about Basil is the health factor. One of the waitresses lost 10 pounds since she started working there because of the clean food.

If you’re in the Charlottesville area, grab a party (or order one upon arrival) and head in for a tasty feast. You won’t regret it.

Basil Mediterranean


What’s your favorite Mediterranean dish?


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