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The Traveling Chucks

These shoes have been chucked through Colorado, Nebraska and Missouri in the past few days of wanderlust flow.

chucksThey’ve seen delicate fortune wrapped in bows,


And towering land masses that endlessly grow.


They aid in the continual process of finding balance in the midst of the lengthy, windy roads.


The Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver, Colorado

Even when it’s inaccurate, the attempt itself is the most important piece to the code.mile_high_denver_handstands

Just as these roads are incongruous, so are our outcomes, guiding me to relish in the entirety of my attempts, down to my toes.


Don’t ever chuck away your creative voice because it’s not just right.

You can always take off your shoes.


Outfit: Top: AEO; Shorts: Nike

Or try a new pair. There are so many options to reach your goals.


What’s hindering you?

My mind tinkers away as this journey continues and I (along with my chucks) continue to be amazed by the world’s spectacles from state to state.


The other day we stayed in Colorado for two days and I was surprised when I stepped outside in the morning and instantly recognized my surroundings because I’m so used to new places. #traveler

Colorado is an amazing state with friendly people and cool sights to see.


You have to make the trek here because my abstract art does not do this stellar state justice.


Next came the voyage to Nebraska where I got to see my sorority sister, Katie and her fiancé. There’s nothing better than seeing a close friend in the midst of new faces and places.


While in Hastings, Nebraska (the home of Kool Aid), I went for a discovery run through the new surroundings. Exploratory runs are my favorite, always combating boredom.


I even made some new friends that seemed a little click cluck-ish.


Anybody got a quacker for that cheese?

Today is Missouri and so far, there’s a nice breeze. We’ll see if my chucks spot any spectacular sightings in Missery Missouri today. 😉

Have a Marvelous Monday!


Question for you: What are your go-to travel shoes?


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