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How to Survive a Wedding

Happy Sunday friends! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA- tis’ the season for weddings and festivities and I have to attend!

As a fitness freak, wedding weekends can sometimes be jarring. Loads of anti-diet foods, trays of cocktails and little time to squeeze in a workout.Have no fear, here’s How to Survive a Wedding without losing all of your marbles:


figs with honey

When the red carpet of recipes is rolled out, it’s easy to lose sight and stroll through bite after bite. Instead of denying yourself the eye candy, have a few and go slow. The appetizers are just the opening act, so don’t fill up.

Go ahead and fill up on the good stuff though.



To each their own. This phrase isn’t grammatically incorrect, but there’s more than one way to drink your words I suppose.

stinson vineyards

Some say don’t drink, but I say do what’s right for you. Whenever I forbid myself something, I want it ten times more. I say drink, enjoy and don’t obsess.

stinson vineyard

Double fist.

…with water that is. 🙂

Throw water in your wine glass. You can also drink coke in your glass to take a break, and no one will notice.


In my book, it’s perfectly fine to spend the weekend solely exercising your voice and ditching the gym. I know I’ll be right back at it come Monday morning, but until then, breathe in the scenes.

ankida vineyard wine

Walking around, chatting and dancing for hours is one helluva workout.

wedding parties

If you can swing it, wake up early and walk around the city or go for a hike in the area.

hiking humpback rock


ankida vineyards

Talk to your family, friend, or date about how long you want to stay and all of that. This wedding had events starting on Thursday, and I had to tell my friend I needed to go home after a while because I was sleepy.


Above all, have fun, because that’s what it’s all about. And you never know who you just might meet.

ankida vineyards

Don’t you just love wedding season?

Dun DUN dun dun…

I’m off to the ceremony!

Any weddings coming up for you?


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