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The Oregon Trail

Greetings from Oregon.

oregon_viewsWe left gorgeous California to head up the coast to Oregon and Washington on our tour.

I’ve been snapping shots and writing verses along the way.

music_on_tourAnd learning new features on my camera. An accidental crazy shot. Such is life.

It’s fun shooting the media, being on the top of arenas while the sun sets.


Low places followed by high chases

Instead of letting it go

We should aim to let it be

Because it’s only in life’s spaces

high_and_lowsMaybe I’m a hippy poet and I didn’t even know it.

Or maybe there’s more to it if you slow it. 😉


While on the road, I’ve managed to get several runs in and even do a little Tai Chi and yoga.


Have a spirited 4th of July!







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