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Try Chi

Focus on the simple movement to bring a state of mental calm and clarity.

Like the glazed vegetables in my juicy luffa dinner.


Or the sweet colorful fruits nestled in my lunch salad.

insalata fruta

But alas, not all of us are food freaks food photographers, as my best friend constantly reminded me in California last week.

Alex, I don’t want to see your cheeseburger. Where are the pictures of us?

It all returns to the self. I took a tai chi class today at my gym.

zen kat tai chi

I tried tai chi several years ago when I was living in California and I remember absolutely hating it. I couldn’t deal with the lathargically slow moving exercises. Now, I make it a priority to marry calm movements with my crazy fitness lifestyle. #balance

be your best self

Hello maturity. I used to laugh and feel silly during Eastern theory exercise classes, but not anymore. Instead I choose to embrace and rock it. #mindset

be yourself

Tai chi is a pretty cool workout, even though it’s very slow and methodical. My favorite part was the empty step– taking a step, but leaving your weight on your back foot before transitioning to the front foot. It’s very metaphorical to life in the sense that putting focus into your step creates a better result.

life as a book tai chi

Slow it down to understand it all around.

If nothing else, time reveals everything, like accepting different lifestyles and giving them a try. You never know what you might gain.

stay curious


Have you tried tai chi?


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