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Get Bendy with It

In honor of hump day…

hump day yogaA little back bend session. Most of us spend long hours hunched over a computer screen and rarely balance it out with opposing moves.

Get bendy with it.

Even if you have a more active job, you’re body will love you for switching up your routine. Mine appreciated some spine pain love after hard cardio today.

post running yogaPost game that ish with yoga.

Fight against your work(out) rut routine. Try new things to encourage eyes-opening new possibilities.

Sometimes trying new things has it’s disadvantages, like my papaya Thai salad today that was tasty but holy hell was it spicy.

papaya spicy salad

My mouth was literally left in flames.

Now that the weather is nice and hot, I’ve been trying to keep opposing workouts in gear with my running, after my race this weekend. If you’re like me and struggle with running, make a destination point and if you don’t have a friend to grab, take your iPod. It has been working for me.

post run bliss

Pretending to enjoy the run is half the battle.

There’s no better way to drop a few lbs for the summer than a long run.

I always find myself going out to eat and drink more during the warmer months, so I gotta step up my fitness levels so that my delicious foods don’t end up on my thighs, right Mom? 😉

nachos mono loco


Nachos are a healthy part of any diet, right?


Work hard play hard. That’s my motto anyway.

dont give up




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