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You’re More than Okay

Marvelous Monday is about enriching activities…

Physically, through sharing my passion for yoga with a fabulous yoga instructor.

yoga connections

And mentally with a beautifully restorative poem by Teresa Baños from the Listserve. (The Listserve is a daily email email lottery where one person a day wins a chance to write to all of the subscribers.)

This piece was just what I needed this morning:

We keep putting ourselves down.
Over and over again.
At times it makes sense.
But it shouldn’t.
And even though I don’t know you,
I know how you’ve put yourself down.
And how much you don’t deserve it.
Cheer up.
It’s easier said than done, I know.
And there’s nothing I can do to change it
I can try endlessly.
But it’s only you.
It won’t ever be easy to pick yourself up.
But you’ve got to do it.
In the midst of stress and chaos.
It’s not all terrible.
And soon enough,
today will be the past.
Breathe for a second.
The rest can wait.
Now repeat with me:
I am okay
I am okay
I am okay…
However many times it takes.
Until you’re convinced.
You are okay,
you’ve always been.
Your phone is punishing you
with so much silence
when it is meant to aid your communication.
And the people you love
don’t say much either.
You keep putting yourself down.
Time for yourself
is never time wasted.
You are okay.
It’s time to stop putting yourself down.
Happiness is always waiting for you
to shake off the tears and fears
and to just cut off the crap
and smile.
I am okay
And so are you.

looks okay from in here

My visit to the SPCA over the weekend has had quite the lasting effect on me.

the zen kitty

I think the majority of our small-scale problems come from over-thinking and blotting out the rest of the world.

get outside

The more you go outside, the more expansive becomes the world, ultimately shrinking your ego.

standing in your way

Have a great evening, and remember, you’re more than okay. 😀


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