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When the Going gets you Going

This post is quite the opposite of my last one.


I mean no post can rightfully follow up a cute pup, so it only made sense to branch out on a new limb, right?


Mishaps. They’re inevitable.

Sometimes they bring us down, and sometimes we find mojo to power through. Thankfully I’m on the latter road.

This week I’ve encountered fraudulent activity on my credit card (they tried to purchasing a Match.com profile, I mean seriously?). My mattress reached it’s peak, causing me to crash on an air mattress. And finally, my precious yellow bike was stollen.



Not much to do but break on through to the other side.

Sometimes the going gets tough and you can either let it control you, or you can chose to move on and keep on keepin on.


Make the going get you going.

Not letting it get me down, I’m planning another adventurous weekend like my last.


I cancelled my credit card and set a date to get my old mattress moved. I still need to buy a bed and figure out the transportation issue. Perhaps I’ll break down and ship my car out here. I prefer life sans my car, but it’s a little rough without a bike! Police report filed, maybe I’ll get lucky and the bike will be found. [insert cynical face here]

So there you have it. A mishap of a week that I refuse to let control me. Check back in a week as the story might change. 😉

inspirational_motivational_quotesQuestion for my people: In light of needing a new bed, where did you get your bed?


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