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What a Wander-ful World

Last weekend, my friend Boots and I wandered our way through San Francisco, ending up at the Wanderlust Yoga Festival in the Presidio in San Francisco.


I saw people standing on their heads and naturally I went running.

We photo-bootheed.

We stuck a pose.


We ate, naturally.


Food truck vegan falafel for the win.

And we met new friends.


When you find a wanderlust event, you just have to wander in, right?

IMG_6741I’ve been slacking on my yoga game these days. Boots has too. But that didn’t stop her from having a ball.


Or something like that.travel_sf_quotes

I’m designed for outdoor explorations, but with modern technology, I’m hindered. Having a desk job is quite a bore. Some days aren’t so great, but the Internet has a way of lifting spirits, like this little gem. Thank goodness for roaming days away from the magnetic screen. 🙂


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