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Wait, isn’t this a yoga blog?

Somewhere between Virginia and California, I fell off the metaphorical yoga wagon.


Just kidding, that’s not actually me.


That is definitely me <not doing yoga>.

But don’t worry, I’m still throwing and teaching ample amounts of handstands.




I’ve been “busy.” I put it in italics, because let’s be honest, being “busy” is just an excuse, but when the excuse involves hanging with awesome people, it’s almost acceptable. 😉


I’ve been cramming in so many activities on both coasts that I’ve somehow left my yoga practice on my long lost mat back in Austin, Texas. Good thing I’ve got this blog to remind me of my purpose.

Habit is a funny thing. I’m reading a book called The Power of Habit, so I’ll be sure to report any original findings.

Last week, I took my first yoga class in over a month. What is that noise?

I’ve finally started scaling back on my travel to focus more on getting settled out here and to just do me.


You know those famous lines every 20-something must iterate at least once before making it as an adult.

The goal has been set: get back to yoga-strong, so there’s that.

Have a great weekend guys!


What habit are you trying to bring back?


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