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Vineyards in the Valley

Oh what an adventure we’ve had so far! thezenkat flying Alex and Sara California We arrived Saturday afternoon in San Francisco in time for lunch and decided to hit Central Park for a glorious run after many cramped hours on the plane. Central Park CA I haven’t run in months, so even though it was a beautiful day, I struggled. Luckily Sara has been running a lot, so her energy helped get me through. A little chatter didn’t hurt either. A workout buddy makes a world of a difference! Even though we had a long day of travel, we weren’t about to let Saturday night pass without experiencing the eccentric San Fran night life. Eccentric it was. We took the BART to the Mission District, and what an experience. Calling all writers and creatives looking for inspiration– San Fran is the place to be. Literally it’s better than cable television, and a little frightening at times. Naturally, we did our best to fit right in. After an amusing evening and a good night sleep, it was all about the vineyards in the valley on Sunday. Murrieta's well Murrieta’s Vineyard was our favorite spot, quaint and small, hidden in the woods. Murrieta's well vineyard We hung out on the breezy deck overlooking the valley of grapes feeling the breeze and spirits flowing. It was a merry day. Murrieta's Vineyard ca I find it easy to forget to slow down, especially in the midst of relaxing day. I have to remind myself to relax and just enjoy the moment. Concannon vineyard traveling vineyard times Life is more fun when you take the time to look around and see all different sides of life. If you open your mind, you’ll never know who you might get the chance to meet. Live to learn through meeting new people and seeing new sights. We met some new and old friends later that evening. Oh the chatter that comes as a traveler… new cali friends And that’s just the beginning on this Marvelous Monday. Hope everyone is off to a great week! be in the now


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