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Suns Out Guns Out

Greetings from Garden City! The South Carolina beaches come close to an island getaway for the east coast.

garden_city_scFriendly people, laid back culture, wide sandy beaches, calm ocean water, and comfortably warm temperatures.


Litchfield_scIt’s always a fascinating thing to watch the mind during rest. We crave vacation for months and when we finally receive it, our brains struggle to actually relax because it’s still in that constant rat race of what’s happening next. Shut down the monkey mind of 1000 thoughts.

Enter mental clarity through beach yoga.




lets_begin_yogaBeach days are filled with sandy fingers, warm rays, squinty eyes, refreshing swims, and hopefully, a little bit of clarity.

clarity_post_yogaMy family and family friends here are one athletic group, so the accountability for exercise has been on point.


Suns out, guns out.

Naturally, we play hard too.

And the kitchen is always the culprit of tempting smells.

pancakeryWho doesn’t love pancakes? Plain, chocolate chip, chocolate chip + blue berry, chocolate and peanut butter. I like to add a little sugar to the batter while cooking to crystalize it, giving a Belgian waffle effect. I also threw in some maple syrup, but you have to be careful when cooking sugar over high flames because it crystalizes and hardens so quickly.

And don’t forget the infamous Pancakery chef. 😉

the_pancakery_chefPancakes at the beach for the win.

garden_city_beach_daysFreedom. Cheers. Life. Love.

Relaxing fresh vibes
Warm and caring tribes
No plans or a care
Just breathing fresh air

One of the best parts about beach vacation is the spontaneity. Days of unplanned life and you never know who you just might see.

There’s nothing better than a little blast from the past with old college roommates who happen to be vacationing a few miles away.



These guys were two of my roommates during my fourth year of college. There were 13 girls and guys in our 12 bedroom house. #OhCollege


Catching up on our travels and memories while cheersing and meeting new friends in Litchfield Beach, South Carolina.

Some o tThe best adventures come unplanned.

exploration_is_the_essence“Oh, mirror in the sky, what is love?
Can the child within my heart rise above?
Can I sail through the changing ocean tides?
Can I handle the seasons of my life?”

Question: What’s your favorite beach?


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