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Purely Setting the Barre

I took my first Pure Barre class this morning and I honestly wasn’t a fan.

I grew up dancing, so I was excited to get into the studio. My favorite part about dance was performing, but Pure Barre is purely focused on conditioning.


The class breakdown: full body warmup, arms, thighs, butt, abs, cool down.

A lot of the movements were barely visible, so it was tough to follow along at times. Pure Barre is based around small, precise movements to tone the body, but it kind of put me to sleep. Oddly enough, as I glanced around the room, a lot of women had their eyes closed. Workout class norms are funny. It was a 6 AM class, but I’m pretty sure they were concentrating, not sleeping.

am i doing it right

I felt like a 5 year old at my mother’s exclusive dinner party- I wanted to grand jete (split jump) around the room and start break dancing, especially with the dance club music playing.

i just wanna dance

Pure Barre is THE workout right now. The equipment is labeled with a white P enclosed in a red circle. The instructor was very upbeat, offering words of encouragement to the members by their first name. The members wore similar outfits of tight fitting clothes, black pants, and black socks. I clearly missed the black sock memo.

white socks pure barre

Aside from a few drops on my nose, I hardly broke a sweat, although that’s the nature of this type of workout. I’m just hoping I burned off some of my dark chocolate brownie and Bourbon Vanilla ice cream dessert from last night. 😉

whiskey jar dessert.jpg

I personally thought the class was a tad boring, but I prefer the wild and elaborate routines.

On the contrary, I still love yoga, even though it’s a moderate workout. To me, yoga is my meditative pathway to building overall mental strength.

yoga quote

Even though I wasn’t a fan of Pure Barre, I think it’s a great class, and if it keeps you working out, then keep rocking the Barre and I’ll rock mine. 😉

Luna Bars

Luna bar, that is.

What’s your favorite kind of bar (uh huh, you can get creative)? Have you tried Pure Barre?


Have a wonderful weekend!


  • GiGi Eats

    I HATE PURE BARRE! FINALLY someone is with me on this! I hate it x 1 million. My first class wasn’t bad. I sort of liked it. Then I went back to other classes and just couldn’t. I couldn’t quite figure out what the heck I was doing so I felt like I spent more time trying to figure out the steps than actually working out. Blah! Oh and I guess it doesn’t help that I really don’t like working out with lots of people! ha! So yeah, I’d rather work out on my beloved elliptical and then do pilates. SCREW THIS “FAD” – lol!

  • Bezzymates

    I tried a barre class at my gym a few weeks ago. The pace was a lot slower than my other fitness classes, and I didn’t sweat at all, but boy was I sore in the thigh region the next day.

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