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Powerful Thoughts on Habit

“Change might not be fast and it isn’t always easy. But with time and effort, almost any habit can be reshaped.”
-Charles Duhigg, The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business


I’m reading a book called The Power of Habit. Powerful wisdom and then some.

“Typically, people who exercise, start eating better and becoming more productive at work. They smoke less and show more patience with colleagues and family. They use their credit cards less frequently and say they feel less stressed. Exercise is a keystone habit that triggers widespread change.”


“Champions don’t do extraordinary things. They do ordinary things, but they do them without thinking, too fast for the other team to react. They follow the habits they’ve learned.”


We are champions.
We are a rich pocketful of habit.
Simple yet diverse.
Clear, clever, complex.
Wholesome while fluid.
We are footsteps of decadent concepts.
We are champions.


Though leads to belief. Belief leads to truth. Think it and you will achieve it…

“Willpower isn’t just a skill. It’s a muscle, like the muscles in your arms or legs, and it gets tired as it works harder, so there’s less power left over for other things.”


Time is the tricky part. It takes ample amounts of effort married with patience to achieve the desirable goal.

They say nothing good ever comes easy. Steady care leads to power.


Yoga helps [me] acquire patience. It’s far from perfection, but it’s forward moving.


The first step lives in knowledge.

“Small wins are exactly what they sound like, and are part of how keystone habits create widespread changes. A huge body of research has shown that small wins have enormous power, an influence disproportionate to the accomplishments of the victories themselves. “Small wins are a steady application of a small advantage,” one Cornell professor wrote in 1984. “Once a small win has been accomplished, forces are set in motion that favor another small win.”4.14 Small wins fuel transformative changes by leveraging tiny advantages into patterns that convince people that bigger achievements are within reach.”


“There is nothing you can’t do if you get the habits right.”


Read everything that you can (I learned that from my dad).
Always stay interested.
Keep your social life strong (I learned that from my mom).
Enjoy the life that you live.


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Think about your habits and where they’ve gotten you.

Make it a habit to have patience with your goals.

Like L’Oréal says, you’re worth it.



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