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Play with Creativity

It’s Friday and time to play! We go-go-go and when it’s time to relax, we’re sometimes at a loss of what to do next. That’s when I turn to playing creatively.

think different
Think different

Whether it’s cooking a savory frittata for brunch

delicious frittata

or capturing intriguing text,

words on words

it’s important to find our creativity; it wards off bad behaviors, like over-eating or being lazy, and stimulates the fun.

I’m always thinking with my marketing brain. I find my best thoughts arrive during a long walk or in the gym, when I’m not thinking, especially when I’m away from my devices (pun intended).

my devices

Everyone has creativity, it just has to be found.

see the beauty

Rediscover how to play. For me, it’s through seeing, learning, creating and innovating.


Oh and a new do is always fun. 😉

How do you play?



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