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Now it’s time to Wind Down

I’m home and sleepy today in Virginia. Oh my travels, what a ride.

sleepy in vegas

Sleepy eyes ensue.

The house, or in this case, the shining city always wins.

vegas wins

The Grant Show made an appearance in Vegas.

Like most things in life, lows undoubtedly follow highs. Traveling is my favorite form of unpredictable excitement, but it can leave you feeling quite depleted, especially after a long flights and non-stop activity.

Not to mention, I’m always one for pushing past boundaries life, even more so my own.

An energetic fitness freak striving to open the new door.

Club XS at the Wynn

Capturing sights is never a bore.

There are endless opportunities for activities galore.

Mandalay Bay Aquarium

It’s important to get enough down time in all the fun that happens for a 20-something, or in any stage of life really.

When you’re feeling blue after an exciting trip or weekend, let yourself feel.

Let yourself relax.

Let yourself be.

Vegas tricks

Exercise always makes me feel better, but relaxing is necessary too.

Nourish your body.

Serendipity Brunch

Brunch at Serendipity 3

But know that indulging in moderation is perfectly fine too.

Cinco de mayo nachos

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a nacho dinner

I used to get so wrapped up in wanting to eat only the best foods and getting enough cardio. I can honestly tell you that after I left go of the obsession, the healthy desire came naturally. Nutrient-rich foods reign supreme 80% of the time and I workout for me- my drug of choice.

If you can’t let go yet, let it be until you’re there.let it be quote

Know that feelings are just visitors and the roller coaster of life is what leads us to the utmost of blisses.

believe in yourself

Thanks again to my wonderful cousins and friends for helping me have another amazing trip! xoxo

How do you wind down from a wild weekend or fun trip?

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