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Moving Ever Forward

Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and love regarding my last post. Each and every message truly warmed my heart. Thank you.

I haven’t been writing much, which is silly because Grant was a writer who always encouraged me to write and create more while helping me push past my boundaries, without ever taking life too seriously. So here it is.


Last week I had the privilege of spending several days with my family at the Fairmont Hotel in Seattle.


seattleWe went on countless long walks, river runs, sight seeing adventures, and of course, food excursions.


When traveling to a new place, I like to find the best restaurants through word of mouth and Yelp. We were not disappointed with our concierge’s recomendation to try Elliot’s on the water for lunch one day. #4stars



I also got to see my blogging friend Brittany for a long walk through a gorgeous park followed by tasty vegan donuts. Perfect combination.


The weekend was all about my cousin’s fabulous wedding at the Seattle Tennis Club.


me_and_momDrinks and hour dourbs with family and friends. Nothing better, right in the moment.


Weddings are always exciting, no matter your state of mind, for me anyway. I love when two people choose to spend the rest of their lives together in love and companionship. Feelings of warmth ensue.


And who doesn’t enjoy a good celebration, sure to bring great belly laughs and new experiences?

JoeyAlexisWeddingMusic gliding through the halls, compassion in the air, lusty eyes, and delectables for all.

Jcrew_ad_duhSeattle is one beautiful city, especially in the midst of superb company.

After the weekend, I flew into LA to continue my summer tour schedule. I’ve been managing to stay busy, mandate the emotion process, and surely never taking things too seriously, because time is truly a rare commodity.


Because really, all you can do is keep going and try to keep that head up, right?




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