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These Mistakes I’ve Made

The results we fear from taking a risk are never as bad as we anticipate. Whether we see it right away, or later on, the negative results actually help us improve our lives.

You don’t become a master after the first try.

exercise fails

In my Hatha yoga class this morning, the teacher shared a story about her shy little brother taking a risk and talking to a girl he liked. In that instant, he rose above his fear, and did something unusual. The sheer fact of stepping out of his comfort zone made him happily energetic for the rest of the day.

ride your energy

He wasn’t successful, but that didn’t matter. Facing rejection is a skill many struggle with for years. Shift away and let it be. Release the ego. The more you do it, the easier it becomes.
best mistakes
I was forced into it at a young age. I was a rather rambunctious teenager (understatement of the year, right mom and dad?), admiring the rock stars and party girls. I was a rebel and faced some pretty severe consequences.
the zen kat
While life might have been easier had I made more conservative choices, I’m grateful for the struggle I went through because now I can be fearless in my constant conquest to conquer my goals.
hanging off the mountain
Now I’ve learned to be rebellions without being destructive. Instead of drugs, I rebel in my travels and fitness. Independence. Being me.
side crow pose
Every experience brings space for improvement. You never really fail, trust me.


What difficult experience are you grateful for in your life?


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