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Mindful Mundae Musings


“Life should be emotionally rich with a rational pitch and a spiritual touch.”
-Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Here e here e some holiday sightings…



“You were about to judge me, but then you fell asleep”

I’ve been told I write in a different way than I talk. I definitely recognize the separation. I aim to unabashedly impress with writing, whereas I speak to convey organic thoughts. Clearly the latter is more fluid. My writing is not always pure. Its the white bread of me (no pun intended.)



It’s not always easy locating intuition, but the Psychology of Time aids in our goal to Stop Making the Same Mistakes.

As a writer, life in your 20s is like the awkward middle school years. Some might advise keeping your voice quiet to avoid embarrassment, but that’s not my style. I prefer the risk.


I learn by doing. I’m not perfect in diction. Grammar mistakes happen and so on.

Of course, I don’t always use this thought of just doing, because it can send the wrong message. Carelessness leads to short sales.

Often times, it’s preferable to go slow and methodical because we have a finite time here on Earth to experience, therefore it’s impossible to explore every space. For that reason, we have to take on others’ opinions and thoughts to understand. We don’t have time to explore everything on our own, so put your best foot forward to convey your ideal message.

Dropping beats on the fly
We reached for the fake high
Reality in caged
Consistency begs sage
Interfere births tears
And aggression clogged ears
Exhaust the childish stain
Preference begets our vain.

Can you “go ham” as a vegetarian?

“Your cravings and desires are your unique gift”
-Alexandra Jamieson


Carry the thought,
take the leap.
Faith it out.
Steak your claim.
Make the move. Buy the ticket. Be an active rider.
Know where creativity emerges
and take the flowing ride.
Never stay still
except when movement ceases to flow.

I continue exploring on my little yellow bike. I’ve checked out a blues concert, the bar scene, the YMCA and the general lay of the land so far.


“In a world where there are no eyes, the sun would not be light…existence is relationship and you are smack in the middle of it.”
-Alan Watts


All is still going well at The Book!


I actually do more than just eat here, it’s just so hard to ignore all the fabulous food.

Don’t get me started on the copious amounts of desserts here.


What Monday musings are going on in your world? 


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