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A Girls’ Night Out

Cheesy nibbles, warm bread, toasted veggies, sweet desserts. Smells of sautéed garlic in extra virgin olive oil and exotic music playing in the air. Add some lovely ladies in the mix and it’s a recipe for the perfect girls night out on the C’ville corner this past Saturday evening.

Alex Katzen and Basil-6
Photography By Mohamed Boraie www.splashwedding.com


We sat down to a feast of appetizers including falafel, pita and tzatziki, grape leaves, and the most delicious crostinis.

falafel apps

date crostinis

These little babies were topped and drizzled with honey, dates, walnuts, gorgonzola, and balsamic reduction.

Spirits were high for more reasons than the one…

turnt up

An Italian Negroamaro red and a Spanish Godello white, to be specific.

Cheers to a girl’s night out.

Alex Katzen and Basil-9
Photography By Mohamed Boraie www.splashwedding.com


Mediterranean eats and delectable little treats.

girls at basil

These are the nights where you just gotta’ splurge, and then some. Indulge, enjoy and relax, because the little moments mean the most.

Photography By Mohamed Boraie  www.splashwedding.com
Photography By Mohamed Boraie www.splashwedding.com


Speaking of splurging, the appetizers may have secretly filled us up, but that didn’t stop us from ordering main entrees.

order basil food

And let me tell you, the entrees brought all kinds of excitement to the table.

excitement for food

I went with the new Demeter the Goddess of the Harvest, a crispy falafel panini paired with arugula, cucumbers, tomatoes, toasted almonds, hummus and creamy avocado. Naturally, I went with fries on the side, because when in Rome the Mediterranean….

falafel bruger and fries

My roommate went with a more exotic choice, the Melanzana con Basilico, a roasted eggplant panini, which she really enjoyed.

eggplant panini

At Basil, you never leave without a little sweetness. It’s the only way to go.

ice cream and baklava

Creamy pistachio ice cream with sweet baklava. At first glance, I thought I’d be bee-lining it back to the kitchen for a bigger serving, but the indulgent, rich flavors proved to be just right, silencing my overactive sweet tooth.

Thank you to Basil for a delicious evening and Mohamed for helping me capturing it!

Photography By Mohamed Boraie www.splashwedding.com
Photography By Mohamed Boraie www.splashwedding.com


the zen kat

Basil Mediterranean Bistro
Photography By Mohamed Boraie www.splashwedding.com


Disclaimer: While all food was free of charge in exchange for my social media work , all thoughts and ideas presented are my own.

Life is sweet


What’s your favorite Mediterranean dish?


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