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La la Land

There aren’t very many people I’d enjoy an 11 hour car ride with. Thoughts run fast as conversations dwindle, but when you find the right crew, it can be one helluva a fun ride.

the three best friends

Sara and I invited Grant to join our LA land road trip. What a brave/lucky soul. Grant is also an artist, but much more serious about his thoughts.

Sara and I are quite laid back and giggly. We all 3 joked about being self-absorbed, but Grant took the cake. As Sara finally had to tell him, it’s not the Grant show.


We all got along great and managed to laugh through any issues that arose. I’m not usually a car ride fan, but this drive was just incredible and bucket list worthy. We drove down 101 right beside the Pacific Coast, sandwiched between the water and mountains.

big sur california

There’s something so thrilling about huge land masses. It makes you feel spiritually relaxed in a way. There’s a certain calmness that comes from feeling so small next to the rustic lands.

We stopped in Big Sur for lunch. Coming from the east coast, the air felt fresh and the mountainous views were phenomenal.

big sur lunch

After passing through several quaint beaches (Santa Barbra was my favorite), we finally arrived in LA in time for a late dinner before going out for a bit and finally going to sleep at our friend Kaitlyn’s place in West Hollywood. The next day, it was all about LA. I even got to see my blogger friend Gigi for a walk and talk rr around the neighborhood.

zen kat and gigi eats celebs

After my walk, I joined my group for a drive around the city and some sight seeing hangouts.


Next, we hit funky Santa Monica Beach after a late sushi lunch in Westwood.

santa monica california

Los Angeles de automoviles. This is a driving city, but it’s cool because you can hit so many different spots in one day like the mountains, local beaches, and even a college town. After a touristy day, we decided to make Friday night all about that LA night life. We made ourselves quite comfortable in the city where dreams come true. #lightscameraaction

giggles on giggles

Giggles on giggles, let’s try that again.

vivienne westwood hollywood


west hollywood bar

We made ourselves a little too comfortable, struggling to get up Saturday morning. Like the troopers that we are, we got up for brunch at Urth Cafe, hiked Runyon Canyon, and not so eagerly hit the road back to San Francisco.

urth cafe

I loved this restaurant. They ask you a ton of questions to guarantee the perfect order, like preferred sides and specific toppings. I chose the egg white omelet with spinach and feta with a boba green tea to wash it all down before our hike.

runyon canyon hike

What a city.

La runyon canyon

Of course, we had to hit In-N-Out on our way back to make our California excursion complete.

innout burger

innout burger pose

Well California, it’s been real. Thanks to our lovely hosts and new friends for an epic adventure. Sara and I fell in love with California and have already made plans to move to the best coast, one day anyway. 😉

made to travel

Happy holidays everyone!

Have you been to California? What’s your favorite city in CA?


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